April 15, 2019

March 11, 2019

Promoting Functional Outcomes with the Ertl Procedure

In traditional amputation, pain in the residual limb can be a challenge to both the patient and care provider. A major cause of pain in transradial and transtibial amputations is instability between the residual bones. Ertl's osteomyoplastic operation induces the formation of an osseous bridge between the tibia/fibula or radius/ulna by placing a strut graft of fibula/ulna

Cosmetic Skin Covers and Rehabilitation

The SkinTones™ System unifies form and function to create a realistic silicone cover which looks natural while protecting the prosthesis. Restoring an amputee's anatomy carries undeniable psychological effects that can literally improve their outlook on life. This can be an invaluable step in their rehabilitation as they return to work, school and everyday life. The

Enabling Upper Extremity Amputees

The prostheses pictured above seamlessly integrate carbon-graphite, hand-sculpted silicone, a multi-articulating finger system, and a BOA® tensioning mechanism, all working together to provide effective and unrestricted wrist movement while maintaining a comfortable and confident fit. This is only one of many innovations that A Step Ahead makes available to our upper-extremity patients. We chose to share this example to show

Giving children the confidence to become successful adults.

Designing a prosthesis for a patient who's constantly growing is a serious business. However, making it look the way kids want is always fun and rewarding. Over the years, we've met and helped thousands of future successes. We nurture and enable tomorrow's Olympic champions and weekend warriors, lawyers and doctors, scientists and teachers, and

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