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Location, location, location.

Below you can find more details about A Step Ahead Prosthetic locations and accredited facilities.

Just close enough to the Big Apple

A Step Ahead’s original location is centrally located on Long Island, just a short car or train ride from Manhattan, the beautiful Long Island shore and wine country. After more than a decade of establishing itself as a world-class prosthetic care facility, A Step Ahead Prosthetics New York is the destination of choice for amputees looking to live life without limitations.

Our facility in New York is located at:

132 Newbridge Road

Hicksville, NY 11801
Phone: 1.516.681.3484
Fax: 1.516.681.3406
Click here for directions to A Step Ahead New York.

Historic Boston is a quick drive away

A Step Ahead’s Boston office is located in the suburb of Burlington, just a few miles from the city. Since opening in 2011, A Step Ahead Prosthetics Boston has built a reputation for stellar service and excellent prosthetic care and has worked closely with M.I.T.’s Biomechatronics Lab and BiOM Personal Bionics to help develop the next generation of microprocessor-controlled prosthetic limbs.

Our facility in Boston is located at:

21 A Street
Burlington, MA 01803
Phone: 1.781.365.1639
Fax: 1.781.365.0176
Click here for directions to A Step Ahead Boston.

Gapaim Orthopedic Institute

An A Step Ahead Accredited Facility

Gapaim Orthopedic Institute is A Step Ahead’s first Accredited Facility. Gapaim’s staff was trained by A Step Ahead Prosthetics, uses the same methods and materials, and is held to the same exacting standards as A Step Ahead’s U.S. locations. Conveniently located in the city of Haifa, Gapaim is a modern, comfortable facility offering top-notch prosthetic care abroad.

Our facility in Israel is located at:

HaAliya HaShniya 14
Haifa, Israel 35255
Phone: +972.04.852.9548
Fax: +972.04.851.5051
Web: Gapaim Orthopedic Institute
Click here for directions to Gapaim Orthopedic Institute.

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