A Step Ahead Prosthetics features several distinct departments working together to provide the most complete prosthetic care experience in the world. Read on to learn about how A Step Ahead can become your ecosystem of support.


A Step Ahead specializes in providing prosthetic legs for both above- and below-knee amputees and prosthetic arms for above- and below-elbow amputees. Utilizing the latest technologies, each one of our custom-made prosthetics combines light weight with a perfect, comfortable fit.

Unique Cases

A Step Ahead’s experience includes working with amputees who are traditionally very difficult to fit including hip disarticulations, hemipelvectomies, and Van Ness rotationplasties. Our prosthetists are responsible for devising innovative techniques to make the impossible possible!

Realistic Skins

The SkinTones System is A Step Ahead’s exclusive process for producing the most realistic silicone skin coverings available today. Is it real, or is it SkinTones? Only you’ll know for sure!

Pediatric Skins

SkinTones cosmetic skins aren’t just for adults. Our anaplastologists can create custom skins for kids and even newborns using the same high quality materials and processes as our standard skins.


Osseointegration is a revolutionary technique where a prosthesis attaches directly to a rod anchored in the patient’s bone, offering simplicity and comfort. A Step Ahead has long been at the forefront of osseointegration technology.

Custom Art

In addition to specializing in anaplastology, our Skin Tones department can create custom prosthetic art. Tattoos, logos, designs, pictures – the only limit is your imagination.

Product Development

Our in-house Research and Development division has evolved to the point where we can now manufacture prosthetic components that simply cannot be found anywhere else on earth.

Insurance Claims

Our dedicated claims department has won numerous victories with nearly every major insurance provider. We work to make sure you get the prosthetic care you need!