The many challenges a feat like scaling Mount Everest presented Jeff Glasbrenner required a custom-built prosthesis
from A Step Ahead Prosthetics unlike any that had been previously fabricated. 

Here’s what makes this leg so special.

1. The frame and socket were reinforced
with (single wall) carbon nanotubes,
which have a tensile strength 270
times greater than steel.
2. This area was also insulated to withstand
temperatures down to -60° C and protect
the residual limb from frostbite.

3. The foot was designed at A Step Ahead
Prosthetics and exclusively fabricated
for extreme winter climbing. This is
the only foot of its kind in the world.

4. This tapered silicone surface works as a
snow deflector and reduces the vibrations
transferred to the residual limb by the
crampons while climbing on rock and ice.
5. The crampons were designed and fabricated
at A Step Ahead to attach to the foot without
straps or buckles. They were coated with a
non-stick silicone compound to prevent
snow from adhering to the foot.

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