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June 18, 2019

Long Island amputee athlete tests her endurance

LONG ISLAND – On her second day of running through the Sahara desert in April, Amy Palmiero-Winters ripped the skin above her prosthetic limb. “I actually tore a rather large piece of my skin off of my leg,” Palmiero-Winters, 46, of Hicksville, said. “I was in quite a bit of intense pain.” She changed her mindset

April 26, 2019

An Amputee’s Toughest Challenge Yet: Her 140-Mile Run in the Desert

THE SAHARA — It was the last difficult stage of one of the world’s most punishing races. The runners, by now walking, began a steep climb up a 25 percent grade, which required many of them to use fixed ropes to reach the summit. As Amy Palmiero-Winters, 46, of Hicksville, N.Y., began the sharp

The importance of having capable insurance experts on hand.

The art of getting our patients the level of care they deserve, not the level of care insurance providers think they qualify for! Our belief is that patients should be spending their time reclaiming their mobility and lifestyle, not on the phone arguing over claims with health insurance companies. Our insurance task force has amassed

March 11, 2019

Promoting Functional Outcomes with the Ertl Procedure

In traditional amputation, pain in the residual limb can be a challenge to both the patient and care provider. A major cause of pain in transradial and transtibial amputations is instability between the residual bones. Ertl's osteomyoplastic operation induces the formation of an osseous bridge between the tibia/fibula or radius/ulna by placing a strut graft of fibula/ulna

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