“Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Prosthetics But Were Afraid to Ask.”

Understanding Prosthetics

Looking for more information on how prosthetics work and how they are fit and fabricated? Your search is over!

American Girl Dolls

If you are interested in having an American Girl doll modified for a child with limb loss, this is the place!

  • Mike Smerka at A Step Ahead Prosthetics Boston

Tips and Tricks

A few pointers, guides, and some things we’ve learned over the years regarding the use, care, and maintenance of your prosthesis.


Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we hear regarding cost, insurance, and general prosthetic usage.

Product Development

Our in-house Research and Development division can manufacture prosthetic components that simply cannot be found anywhere else on earth.

Insurance Resources

A Step Ahead is proud to partner with the following insurances in order to give you the best prosthetic care in the country.

Rights and Policies

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