A Step Ahead Prosthetics provides Healthcare Professionals with insightful guidance regarding prosthetic fitting, equipment, and possibilities, giving you the edge to better plan your procedures and keep your patients informed.

Our Certified Prosthetists are experts in fitting the most difficult cases – ones which other providers may refrain from treating – by relying on decades of proven experience, an in-house research and development division, and access to the most advanced level of prosthetic components in the industry.


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Over the years, A Step Ahead has earned a position among the world’s best facilities in providing prosthetic legs for lower-extremity amputees. Our patients have climbed Everest, conquered 100-mile ultramathons, and broken Olympic records. Utilizing the latest technologies and proprietary designs, each one of our custom-made prosthetics combines light weight with a perfect, comfortable fit.

Quadrilateral amputee patients are exceedingly rare. The types and degrees of amputation can differ from patient to patient, but A Step Ahead has broad and proven experience in working with these very special cases. Our staff is well aware of not just the physical considerations these amputees require, but the level of support and rehabilitation they will need. The ability to design and fabricate components in house also makes us uniquely equipped to resolve issues most would shy away from.

Typically applied in cases of osteosarcoma and congenital abnormalities in the lower leg, Van Nes or Rotationplasty replaces the knee joint with the patient’s ankle joint – the foot is rotated 180º, the length is adjusted, and the tibia is then fused to the proximal femur. This creates a potential for increased mobility compared to an above-knee amputation.

However, taking full advantage of the benefits of a rotationplasty requires a prosthetist who has vast experience with Van Nes patients and their needs. The rotationplasty prosthesis is radically different than a typical leg prosthesis, as it is designed around the patient’s reversed foot/ankle. A Step Ahead has worked with dozens of recipients of this uncommon procedure and is currently considered the leader in fabricating and fitting prostheses for Van Nes Rotationplasties.

Most commonly indicated in cases of cancer, severe infection, or trauma, hip disarticulation (transpelvic amputation) presents an uncommon set of challenges for the prosthetist. The surgical removal of the entire lower limb at the hip level leaves behind issues related to the lack of weight-bearing surfaces, as well as unpredictable amounts of soft tissue covering these surfaces. In addition, the size and shape of the amputation site for these patients tends to vary widely, making specialized skillsets a requirement to achieve proper design, fitting and rehabilitation of the patient.

Along with hip disarticulations, hemipelvectomies are the rarest of lower extremity amputations. The procedure involves the amputation of half of the pelvis and the leg on that side. Since the patient lacks both a hip and half the pelvis, they are among the most difficult cases to fit properly. Hemipelvectomy patients are often told that they can not be fit for prosthetics. A Step Ahead, on the other hand, has successfully fit every single hemipelvectomy case we have been presented with. Our staff has considerable expertise in rehabilitating these amputees and getting them back on their feet.

A Step Ahead’s prosthetic and technical staff has extensive experience in providing complete prosthetic care to patients with upper-extremity limb loss. We provide the most functional and cosmetic prosthetics for upper-extremity amputees of all levels and ages. Our prosthetic staff is trained and certified in the latest myoelectric technology of upper-extremity prosthetics including the i-Limb and the Dynamic Arm.

Pediatric amputees will require a new socket and other prosthetic modifications at least once a year and should be evaluated by their prosthetist twice a year. Pediatric amputees are much more adaptable to prosthetics; however, they will need more guidance and care than adult amputees as they are still growing and developing. Being fit with a prosthesis at an early age can aid children in their adaptability during school and other daily activities.

We strive to provide top care for our senior patients by improving their mobility, function, and quality of life. By giving our older patients the tools and prosthetic support they need, we allow them to continue their daily routines, promoting a less sedentary, healthier way of living.

The SkinTones System, developed by A Step Ahead Prosthetics, pushes anaplastology (the art and science of recreating a missing body part) to the highest level. Through the use of high-quality silicones and expert hand-crafting skills, we create limbs that look natural, perfectly match one’s skin colors and can restore aesthetic balance to an individual’s body.

Our custom lower extremity orthotic devices include orthopedic shoes and bracing for diabetic foot care, congenital conditions. A Step Ahead possesses the in-house technical ability and equipment to design and fabricate custom orthotic solutions to ​fit your unique patients’ needs. Our staff of experts have been promoting functional outcomes for years.

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