Community within our prosthetic facility

Our prosthetists provides each patient with the resources, tools, and information necessary to achieve their prosthetic goals. Every patient is treated as an individual, not a number, and we spend time learning about their ambitions before starting their prosthetic care.

Photo Gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words. We could tell you that our prosthetics and hyper realistic silicone SkinTones skins are second to none, but we’d rather show you, our amazing patients!


Team A Step Ahead members include medal-winning Paralympians and world-record holders in sports as diverse as triathlon, marathon, ultramarathon, cycling, swimming, track and field, rowing, golf, and more.


Stay up to date with new product launches or coverage of one of our patients’ many impressive accomplishments, and more!


Take a look at our YouTube channel, where you can discover the newest and most informative videos about our patients, including their prosthetic journey, training, rehabilitation, and more!


Our patients’ thoughts on ASAP and how it affects their lives, in their own words. Hear what they have to say about their prosthetic journey!

Leading by Example

Our goal is to create custom prosthetics that enhance our clients’ lives, no matter the situation. We strive to provide unique solutions tailored to each individual’s needs.