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In addition to limb prosthetics, the team at A Step Ahead Prosthetics also brings years of experience to creating extremely realistic maxillofacial prosthetics to meet the facial rehabilitation needs of our patients. All of our maxillofacial prosthetics are created entirely in-house at our New York facility, allowing us to offer services like live sculpting and painting in order to produce the most detailed, high-fidelity prosthetics available today. Our artisans use the highest-quality materials to create durable, lifelike custom facial prosthetics to replace what is no longer there and give our patients a sense of comfort and security that would otherwise be unattainable.

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Anaplastology is the art and science of rehabilitating a missing or malformed part of a person’s anatomy through cosmetic prosthetics. Anaplastologists are specialists who design, fabricate and fit facial and somatic prostheses for. Assisting with the restoration of numerous body parts, including ears, noses, legs, arms, fingers, toes, and more, an anaplastologist provides restorative prosthetics. A Step Ahead Prosthetics has decades of experience and expertise in the field and can produce the most realistic custom-made prosthetics available.

An anaplastologist creates prosthetics for people with malformed or absent body parts, including (but not limited to) an ear, nose, eye, cheek, or any other part of the face or hand. Trauma, disease, Microtia, or congenital issues can cause these abnormalities.

  • Congenital- A condition or trait present at birth. It may be the result of genetic or non-genetic factors.
  • Microtia- happens when the external ear is small and not formed properly.

A facial prosthetic or facial prosthesis is an artificial device to restore the appearance of a malformed or absent facial feature including the nose, ears, eyes, jaw, and more. This device provides cosmetic rehabilitation and can greatly improve a person’s self-esteem and promote a positive body image.

A Step Ahead’s anaplastologists create each facial prosthetic by hand out of high-grade silicone. They are custom-colored and hand-painted to ensure that they match each person’s existing anatomy. A Step Ahead can even add freckles and blemishes to ensure the utmost in realism.

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