A Step Ahead Prosthetics Wellness CBD products were created and tested by prosthetists and amputees, for amputees.

We’re proud to announce our two-step treatment regimen that we created to address the most common issues associated with residual limb discomfort and pain (in addition to a long list of other benefits!). Created based on decades of careful observation and the experiences of thousands of patients. We listened to you and got to work!


Enjoy discounted prices for individual bottles, and a special added value for a day/night treatment set.

Reserve both.

Pain Relief for Amputees, Topical Cream & Friction Defense for Amputees, Topical Lubricant.

MSRP: $278.00
Limited Time Launch Offer: $160.00

Pain Relief for Amputees, Topical Cream.

MSRP: $139.00
Limited Time Offer: $89.00

Friction Defense for Amputees, Topical Lubricant.

MSRP: $139.00
Limited Time Offer: $89.00


The “green bottle” as we call it, was formulated to carry 1500mg of nano-emulsified CBD oil extract in an ultra-mild, silky and odorless cream. We then infused it with a naturally soothing aloe vera lotion and added a touch of lidocaine, which is known to stop localized discomfort, itching and pain. Most of our testers mentioned that the PAIN RELIEF formula works well as a “residual limb overnight treatment” (many agreed it also works wonders on their lower back). It reduces nerve spasms, soothes the skin and promotes healing.

The “blue bottle” combines 1500mg of nano-emulsified CBD oil extract with a proprietary ultra-low-friction silicone-based lubricant which virtually eliminates friction between the prosthetic liner and the residual limb skin. Aloe vera was also added, to help soothe sore areas during activities. The feedback from our testers was unanimous: FRICTION DEFENSE allowed them to work out at a higher level and for longer periods of time without irritation on what would otherwise be trouble spots (compared to not applying anything).

What makes this CBD product better?

Made for You

Our formulas are mild enough to ensure proper interaction with all types of skin, prosthetic liners and equipment, yet are still among the most concentrated on the market. They have no color and no discernible scent.

Tested by amputees for amputees.

We also wanted it to be 100% natural, cruelty free and made in the United States, which was a tall order for most laboratories and vendors. After finding the best source for our CBD extract and product development partners we set out to optimize our lotions to serve the amputee community specifically.

Tried and True

We tested to the limit so you don’t have to! Most people will not be climbing Mt. Everest, capturing World Records or crossing the Sahara desert, but having some of the world’s greatest athletes as our patients made it possible to test our products to the max. We enlisted them to use and abuse these two topical lotions.

All of our amputee testers reported a vast improvement on their ability to exercise on the limit — “That point where sweat and heat starts to interfere with fit and suction, causing irritation and discomfort.” Although test results are subjective and personal, the feedback was unanimous, Friction Defense helped them push a little harder.

*Results represent each athlete’s personal experience.

“Friction Defense Lubricant helped immensely when running and exercising, especially during extra long training routines. Life-changing for sure!”

AMY, Professional Athlete

Friction Defense works fantastically, I don’t feel that friction or that burning. The Pain Relief I use on my arm and it really helps! I like these things!

GILL, Proud Grandpa

I’ve tried everything, and this was just incredible. It eased the pain and made it comfortable. It makes my legs feel great under my liner. It’s just great!

JOANNE, Bilateral BK

I’ve been using the Pain Relief… on my residual limb, knees, shoulders, and where I tore my rotator cuff. I hit the jackpot on this and my body is really thanking me!

TANYA, Gardner and World Traveler

The Roll-On Advantage!

  • Controls amount of product
  • Easy to apply on small areas
  • Travels without spills or leaks
  • Smooth, massaging sensation
  • No messy or slippery hands!