custom prosthetic art

Custom Prosthetic Art

Art allows your inner expression to come out. True self-expression is when we articulate what is original within us, our inner strengths. Now your prosthesis can be a reflection of who you are by showing your personality and making a statement. A Step Ahead’s technical and prosthetic staff can design and fabricate prosthetic sockets with custom artwork or hand-paint tattoos on your prosthetic skin cover.

We can help you design the most advanced prosthetic art and cosmetic covers to match your creativity.
You can personalize your socket with nearly anything that makes it “you” – your favorite sports team’s logo, a meaningful character from television or movies, a symbol or design.
If you have a silicone skin cover, our Skin Tones department has perfected the art of painless tattooing. Each tattoo is drawn by hand, then meticulously filled in and finished for a realistic look that will not fade or wear away over time.
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If you can imagine it, we can create it.