We have amazing patients!

Every single day, we see people who inspire us, who make us smile and laugh and impress us with their courage and good humor in the face of the adversity of limb loss. On this page, you will be able to see what they have to say in their own words.

  • Live (your) Life Without Limitations
  • ASAP is more than a Prosthetic Facility

  • Heal, Adjust, Practice, Thrive

I met with Erik and Nicole! I can’t say enough good things about Nicole she was so sweet and pleasant helping me with a skin cover for my symes prosthetic! I needed the skin cover in a short amount of time for an upcoming wedding and they made it happen!!! I’m excited to work with them in the future for my prosthetics! Thank you a step ahead!
Luv these professionals!
Erika , F

No matter what problem I’m having with my prosthesis, I always end up having a positive experience when I visit A Step Ahead. I mean, these are my peeps!! I’ve been seeing them for most of my life— and as far as I can recall, they’ve always been the best. Amazing care, amazing credentials, and amazing people overall. Such an incredible team and such sweethearts! I cannot say enough good things. We’ve had some good times for sure. I highly recommend A Step Ahead!!

Savannah , P

I’ve been coming here for about 15 years and all I have are good things to say. Unlike a lot of other places, I’m able to receive my prosthesis within a week. Whether you are into walking , bicycle riding, rock climbing, swimming or you’re an athlete, this place will suit your needs very well. A wide options of ways to customize your leg also. I’ve gotten 2 Bob Marley design legs from them. The place is a state of the art facility that will cater to all the needs for prosthesis or orthotics . Unlike other places, have the ability to think outside the box to finding solutions for your prosthetic and orthotic needs.Always clean and private examination rooms and the latest equipment to fit your needs. Even the windows are specially designed so you can see outside but people outside cannot see you inside the facility, so there total privacy. Ample parking is also available. The Long Island rail Road stops four blocks away, and the N22 bus stop is a 2 block and a half away, and the N24 stops just across the street. When people ask me where I get my legs from, I always refer them to his place because they get results.
Luv these professionals!

Bernard , F
Bob, Mike and the Team are nice, with great expertise and super professional. They always find solutions to the challenges we come across with my myoelectric arm prosthesis. They truly live by and deliver their vision of “Live Life without Limitation” for all their work for me as a patient. I cannot provide a higher recommendation to an orthopedist in Greater Boston or for anyone visiting from out of town.
Hampus, H

The staff at A Step Ahead have been extremely helpful during the process of making me a new artificial limb. It has been a real pleasure working with them and they have presented me with some great advanced technical options for my prosthesis.

A Step Ahead Prosthetics is a top notch facility with a dedicated and professional staff.

The employees at A Step Ahead Prosthetics are both personable and professional. But most importantly they have provided me with amazing prostheses and world class service

Steven , A

This place is the best! I’ve had several braces from other orthotics they don’t even compare to the one Erik made for me. I am walking as normal and as fast as I did 10 years ago. If you know anyone that needs a brace or prosthetic send them here!Luv these professionals!

Micheal, T

The guys at A Step Ahead are all awesome to deal with, they treat you like a friend, great atmosphere. Great quality of work. I had two prosthetics made, one being a unique type, and they work amazingly! Very highly recommend them.

Anonymous, G

This is the best place to go if you have a disability and need a prosthetic The staff is very caring. Supportive and professional
Nicole is an amazing person and an asset to A step ahead They are the most experienced of all prosthetic places so don’t bother to look anywhere else
As a psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, they also provide good psychological ,emotional support
that is needed when dealing with a disability

Rachelle , G

The team at A Step Ahead took me from a point of total frustration with a competitor for whom I had been waiting months for a prosthetic to a one-week turnaround. Responsiveness to my inquiries and necessary adjustments made my transition from four-plus months in the hospital and three separate amputations ending in January to “running” two 5Ks over the following Summer; and, squatting 400 lbs.

I returned to work with no crutches or canes in February 2015; trained; followed A Step Ahead’s advice–when at work or leisure, when wearing slacks, no one even thinks that my gait is altered–it’s been THAT good!

Luv these professionals!

Micheal, P
The people at A Step Ahead Prosthetics are the most friendly, caring, compassionate and skilled people I could ever have hoped for. They continue to help me with my prosthetic needs and always exceed my expectations. If you want the latest and best prosthetics, this is the place to go. Sue, Plymouth, Ma
Sue, P
When I was searching for a prosthesis to help me after my limb loss, I went to several offices to preview their facility and staff. I found A Step Ahead Prosthetics to be the best facility to help me get back into the activities I use to perform. The facility is transparent, you see all that goes into making your prosthetic. The training equipment is clean, and ready to use for you to get back into action. Over many occasions the one thing that really got me to continue using A Step Ahead Prosthetics was the staff and customer service. They are very caring, patient, and professional; even when I’m just goofing around making light of the situation, they are focused on doing things right the first time!
Great people, great facility and a great community which has made my tragic experience a truly wonderful journey to live my life without limits. They have earned a grade of A+ from me!!!
Jack, M
From the finance team, to operations, and to of course the prosthetists, everyone at A Step Ahead has been so patient, kind, and helpful to me since becoming an amputee, and I can truly say with confidence that they want to see me live my best life with prosthesis. One of the best parts of going to see Erik is to meet some of the most inspirational men and women in the world with limb loss / limb difference who are always willing to lend a helping hand. I can’t wait to see how far I can push myself with their help!
Sam, R
I cannot thank Erik and the entire A Step Ahead Prosthetics team enough for their expertise and support. I came to Erik an amputee of 21 years with aspirations of running and living my life without any limits. Fast forward 7 years and I have come farther than I could have possibly imagined. Erik and his staff have changed my life. I walk pain free and with a better gait than I have in my entire life. On top of it all I have become a world record holding runner in the half and full marathon. I can say without a doubt that none of this would have been possible without the outstanding level of care that Erik has given me! Thank you for changing my life!
Brian, R
Very impressed and pleased with the professionalism and dedication of the staff. My leg fits great and no one knows I’m an amputee unless I tell them. I run, climb, hike and bike ride no problem. I’m no longer limited to what my leg can do. No one knows I’m an amputee unless I tell them because my leg fits great.
Anonymous, Guy
The good people at A Step Ahead have literally given me back my life. Their office is a warm and welcoming place to visit, with lots of amputees working out or trying new products in the common areas. I visited other prosthetists before coming here, and the difference in the quality of treatment is unbelievable
Nick, A
I wanted to say thank you, to you and everyone at A Step Ahead. Everyone at A Step Ahead made us feel welcome. I felt like I was in good hands and all my concerns were addressed. I was really nervous going far from home for this. Now, I’m glad I did and that I trusted you all. 
So far I’ve had zero issues with the socket and foot. It fits me really well and has the best suction I’ve ever had. I love it! You all gave me back my confidence. I walked on sand and was able to enjoy the beach yesterday. 
Thank you for giving me my life back. I am forever grateful
Elmer, H
We just celebrated our 10th anniversary with these guys and, with all my heart, I can’t say enough about Mr. Shaffer and the staff at A Step Ahead Prosthetics! Our daughter was born with Proximal Femural Focal Deficiency (PFFD), a condition that makes it almost impossible to live a regular life. We were recommended to Erik by our doctors and immediately felt that we were in the right place. At first we hesitated since we’re not in New York, but after going to other facilities and getting second opinions we decided to go visit. They took care of us like we were family, helping us every step of the way. Now that our daughter is almost 11 we look at her and feel so blessed for having found this company! Thank you A Step Ahead Prosthetics!
Joseph, W

I came to ASAP several Years ago from extreme pain. I took a leap of faith and got on a plane, and flew from Nebraska to NY. From the moment I got here, my prosthetic has never felt better. The team knows exactly what I need. The most important thing I feel about A Step Ahead is that I trust them.

Jill, E

I have been traveling to A Step Ahead for many years. I come from Isreal to NY. Life quality is essential, and asap gave me that. I will continue to travel to them and make it work.

Ariela, A

I travel from Houston, Texas, to A Step Ahead Prosthetics in NY. Before coming to ASAP, I’ve been to 3 different prosthetic facilities, and I never was 100% comfortable in each place. I always had pain and discomfort in my socket. I thought that was normal.
I decided to come to A Step Ahead Prosthetics because I could not handle the pain, so I gave it a shot, and I can say that I am 100% comfortable and have no pain when I walk or use my prosthesis. A Step Ahead Prosthetics is the only place I can come to that knows how to fit me properly. Today I am not in pain; I am happy.

Haifa , A

New leg! Came all the way to New York from Texas. I never knew that I could achieve this comfort. I never knew that I could bare zero weight on my toes. This is only the beginning and I’m so excited for what is coming. I could walk all day in this bad boy.

Frank, G