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Our Realistic Skins

Our Skin Tones system bridges the gap between cosmesis and functionality Learn more about Skin Tones! , allowing you to have the most technically advanced prosthetic components while looking startlingly real. Learn More

Insurance Questions?

Insurance companies should not dictate which prosthetic components you get. Our Insurance Task Force Over 35 years of legal and claims experience! personally handles all insurance appeals so that you can focus on your life.Learn More

Team A Step Ahead

Our team members Join our team! have the opportunity to receive advanced coaching and training from some of the most experienced coaches, athletes and physical therapists in the world.Learn More

How Can We Help You?

I am a already A Step Ahead Patient and…
I am an Upper Extremity Amputee and…
I am a Lower Extremity Amputee and…
I am a Parent, Guardian or friend and…
I am a Healthcare Professional and…

What Do Patients Love About A Step Ahead Prosthetics?

Based on informal patient interviews conducted at our New York facility, between October/2013 and February/2014

The best anatomical fit I’ve ever had - 91
Use and understanding of latest technology – 81
Never letting me give up on my goals – 79
Feeling supported throughout the process – 73
Knowing that personal help is a phone call away – 67

What’s Happening at A Step Ahead?

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