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Lower Extremity Prosthetics

A Step Ahead specializes in providing prosthetic legs for both above- and below-knee amputees. Utilizing the latest technologies, each one of our custom-made prosthetics combines light weight with a perfect, comfortable fit. Whether you’re a world-class athlete or just looking to resume your daily life, A Step Ahead has something just for you.

Upper Extremity Prosthetics

A Step Ahead’s prosthetic and technical staff has extensive experience in providing complete prosthetic care to patients with upper-extremity limb loss. We provide the most functional and cosmetic prosthetics for upper-extremity amputees of all levels and ages. Our prosthetic staff is trained and certified in the latest myoelectric technology of upper-extremity prosthetics including the i-Limb, Dynamic Arm, and Bebionic3 hand.

Custom Sports Prosthetics

Many of our patients are active people with a healthy lifestyle. Some are even world-class athletes. Either way, A Step Ahead has a long history of offering the best custom sports prosthetics available today. Whether you’re into running, cycling, swimming, skiing, rowing, golfing, surfing, kickboxing, soccer, or virtually any other sport, we’ve got you covered.

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