Better Outcomes for Amputees with Pre-surgical Consultations

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Better Outcomes for Amputees with Pre-surgical Consultations

Why are more and more doctors relying on pre-surgical consultations before amputation?

Be it a planned amputation or a traumatic one, a deeper understanding of the technology replacing the limb can mean the difference between a life of mobility and one of discomfort and stagnation. We believe in keeping an open channel for discussion and collaboration between a doctor, patient, and prosthetist, especially prior to surgery.

The idea is simple. Once faced with a case for which amputation may seem inevitable or the best viable solution, a patient or doctor will get in touch with us directly. Our involvement can be as simple as an email response to a particular question or as in-depth as a consultation, meeting with a patient (allowing them to tour our facility and meet other amputees), analyzing X-rays and recommending procedures. 

When dealing with amputation, every case requires a specific prosthetic solution. Our Certified Prosthetists are experts in fitting the most difficult cases, ones which other providers may refrain from treating, by relying on decades of proven experience, an in-house research and development division, and access to the most advanced level of prosthetic components in the industry.

Having as much information as possible before deciding on the level of amputation can directly impact a patient’s rate of success. For decades, A Step Ahead has offered pre-surgical consultations to doctors before their patients undergo an amputation. With our prosthetic expertise, we can help determine the best possible outcome for a patient undergoing amputation. 

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