We had the pleasure of working with Shaymaa over the past several weeks when she came for prosthetic care at our NY facility all the way from Egypt. She sent us the nicest email and we just had to share it!

Dear All,3i8a0237

             Hope all is well at your end. I wanted to send you a personalized thank you note after returning to my home country.
        When I was doing my research to decide which prosthetics facility to deal with…The way you depicted your establshment even through your slogan “Live Life Without Limitations” was one of the reasons I chose A Step Ahead…it made me feel that you really get what patients are looking for vs. what other companies were aiming at with slogans such as “quality for life” for instance.
Thank you for your knowledge, expertise and support given during our journey together to finalize a state of the art prothetic leg that suits my lifestyle. Thank you for your self-confidence that comes from a solid foundation of experience and talent for sure…confidence is crucial in this field as patients need this kind of moral support and you did it professionally …believe me I’ve been an amputee for almost 41 years so I can judge right away wheather I can trust the prosthetist I’m dealing with.
Thank you for trying to portray the correct image for any situation which again made me trust you more and more since integrity is obviously one of the pillars for a strong relation between you and your patients.
Thank  you for following up yourself on your patients prosthesis manufacutring process even though you have a lot on your plate ..which is much appreciated …it sends a message that you are taking it personally and that you wouldn’t allow the businessman with the need for mass production to take over a real artist who cares about each product.
Thank you for being resourceful in your solutions e.g. certaindri…
and for trying to solve root causes not the symptoms like what you did with teaching me to adjust my step instead of merely moving the foot outwards.
Thank you for changinging my life with the movable ankle and the Skin Tones system….and making it practical to do so …..as you know other companies for instance manufacture bulky heavy ankles which makes it impractical to use for women.
Thank you for smiling (it makes a difference believe me) and your sense of humor….
I’m looking forward to manufacturing my next prosthesis when due at a Step Ahead and I’m sure you will be always leading the field in terms of technology and components.
I also loved the atmosphere at your facility …with everybody smiling and trying to make the process an enjoyable one.
 Please thank The rest of the team for me whom I couldn’t find their e-mails Percilla (her lovely smile and support), Jon and Chris for their work and dedication
        Thank you for replyng to my first inquiry note back in May and providing me with all needed details until our plan materialized in September. In addition to the support given during my presence at A Step Ahead.
              Thank you for the level of knowledge, expertise and support you provide the patients and self-confidence which is crucial in such field as mentioned earlier in the note. In addition to your sense of humor/ smile which again are important for patients to make the prosthesis manufacturing process, trials etc…a pleasant one.
          You changed my life with the Skin Tones system and your art….I cannot thank you enough…now I can wear sandals with even split toe, apply nail polish…etc which as simple as it may seem for people who can normally do so….for me this is life changing ….Also the level of confidence that you have ….in addition to your beautiful smile which is important for patients. And remember to improve people’s lives so positive energy surrounds you wherever you go :)
Finally Dear All,
                         Know for sure that you have a friend in Egypt and please let me know if you ever decide to visit…I will show you around :)
Shaymaa El-beheirie


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