The new Rheo Knee 3 from Ossur is here, and it’s only at A Step Ahead Prosthetics! Designed by Ossur with significant input from A Step Ahead’s prosthetics staff, the Rheo Knee 3 incorporates tried, tested and proven technology and adds a number of improvements to make life that little bit easier.

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The Rheo Knee 3. Only at A Step Ahead Prosthetics.

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The Rheo Knee 3 was designed from the ground up to work for a very wide range of people and has features that . It offers the greatest variability in length of any microprocessor knee and will work with any prosthetic foot and ankle available. Low activity users will appreciate the increased and smoother resistance across a wider range of stance flexion. This enhanced support from heel strike to toe off helps increase the confidence of all users on varied terrain, ramps and stairs. The Rheo Knee 3 also features reduced swing phase resistance, which makes it even easier for higher activity users to walk their way and lower activity users to initiate swing.
Rheo Knee 3

Rheo Knee 3 helps users to feel in control at all times and takes confidence to a whole new level:

The bonus for the average user is that it is ultra stable, while the more active person will benefit from the extra functionality.

User Benefits:

Unmatched response to gait and speed changes
Complete and constant responsiveness to different and changing circumstances
Increased maximum torque on stairs providing improved stability
Easy, natural swing motion
Smooth and natural swing extension
Improved toe clearance translates to less risk of falling
Advanced control features continuosly monitor and adapt resistance levels
Added stability in non-gait movements
Accurate stand-to-walk transitions
Battery autonomy up to 3 days
User weight limit increased to 136kg (300lbs)