custom dance prosthesis for rotationplasty

Fifteen-year-old Delaney Unger is an avid dancer sidelined by a rare cancer diagnosis resulting in losing her left leg. In 2016, Delaney was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a rare bone cancer type. In 2017, she underwent reconstructive surgery at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital called rotation-plasty amputation. This was on her left leg.

“I am beyond grateful to the one2one USA Foundation and A Step Ahead Prosthetics for allowing me to have a specialized dance leg that will help me with my technique,” said Delaney. “I am looking forward to performing with my new leg on stage with my dance company as well as on the football field and in national competition with my school’s kick line team.

In Delaney’s case, we custom-built a Van Nes high-activity dance prosthesis with an adjustable ankle that keeps up with her activity level and aspirations. It becomes transparent when you find the right balance between the device and the person’s capabilities. Seeing Delaney try out her dance prosthesis for the first time with grace and confidence confirms my belief.

Delaney has been fearless in her journey of overcoming a cancer diagnosis that shocked her and her family. “When I was first diagnosed, I told myself I wanted to be an inspiration and keep smiling and do what I always did. I don’t want to be that person who says I can’t do something because of a stop on the road. If you try and don’t do it, that’s okay. But you have to try.” – Delaney.