The SkinTones™ System unifies form and function to create a realistic silicone cover which looks natural while protecting the prosthesis. Restoring an amputee’s anatomy carries undeniable psychological effects that can literally improve their outlook on life. This can be an invaluable step in their rehabilitation as they return to work, school and everyday life. The ramifications of wearing a natural-looking prosthetic skin cover can go well beyond one’s self-image and are known for promoting positive results during physical therapy, reducing nerve and phantom pain.

The SkinTones System covers the widest range of features and price points in the industry, and while protective skins are often covered by insurance, too many amputees still lack access to high-quality options. Our response is our in-house team of insurance and claims specialists that help guide our patients towards securing the cosmetic solution they deserve with the least amount of financial exposure.

If you have any questions regarding realistic-looking prosthetic skin covers, partial foot, hand, fingers or maxillofacial prostheses or know a patient who could benefit from them, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The SkinTones™ System is without a doubt the most advanced protective prosthetic skin system available today.