The prostheses pictured above seamlessly integrate carbon-graphite, hand-sculpted silicone, a multi-articulating finger system, and a BOA® tensioning mechanism, all working together to provide effective and unrestricted wrist movement while maintaining a comfortable and confident fit. This is only one of many innovations that A Step Ahead makes available to our upper-extremity patients.

We chose to share this example to show what happens when patients’ needs and goals are made a priority over all else. These hands were created for a quad amputee whose case had been dismissed by many prosthetics facilities before. We accepted the challenge of helping this patient and set out to find the best possible outcome.

Having an in-house research and development department, a state-of-the-art facility equipped to work with a multitude of materials, and the expertise of the best professionals in the industry gives us the ability to go beyond what’s available off the shelf.

Over the years we have designed and fabricated thousands of unique prosthetic systems for our patients. Each and everyone is fully customized and created specifically to each individual’s goals and needs.