Designing a prosthesis for a patient who’s constantly growing is a serious business. However, making it look the way kids want is always fun and rewarding. Over the years, we’ve met and helped thousands of future successes. We nurture and enable tomorrow’s Olympic champions and weekend warriors, lawyers and doctors, scientists and teachers, and moms and dads with the ultimate prosthetic technology. Seeing our alumni grow to fulfill their aspirations and living life without limitations makes every leg we create worthwhile – even the silly-looking ones! šŸ˜€

For decades, we’ve been empowering children by helping them regain control over their mobility and independence while allowing them to express their personality with custom socket designs.Ā 

FromĀ super-heroes to mermaids –Ā and everything in between –Ā kids have kept us busy, humble and inspired.

We understand how a properly-fitting prosthesis is paramount in the development of a child, and we know how having an emotional link to theirĀ “cool leg”Ā canĀ shape their sense of acceptance and self-confidence.