Osseointegrated prosthetics are here to stay and now, more than ever, amputees are benefiting from this remarkable procedure. Nearly anyone with a prosthesis can be a candidate for osseointegration, as it is currently offered for above and below knee amputees and above and below elbow amputees. In addition, osseointegration can be used to affix maxillofacial prosthetics and finger or toe prosthetics.

We have been receiving more and more positive feedback from patients who have recently undergone Osseointegration prosthetic fittings. As they’ve been extremely happy with the results.

“My prosthesis feels so light and responsive. It is the closest thing to having my leg back.”

In short, osseointegration can allow amputees to wear a prosthesis for longer periods of time with greater comfort than a typical socket prosthesis and with improved proprioception, which in turn provides a better quality of life!

Barely four weeks after surgery, Jesse has reached full weight-bearing (100 lbs or 50% of body weight) on the implant and has been cleared for unlimited walking, assisted by crutches. This can be accomplished without pain or discomfort.

A Step Ahead has been at the forefront of osseointegration support for years! In 2008, Erik Schaffer, C.P. traveled to Sweden to meet with Dr. Rickard Brånemark of Integrum, a pioneer in osseointegration surgery. Erik saw the enormous potential of the procedure, long before it had been approved in the US, and began designing prosthetic systems to complement and enhance its outcome. Today, hundreds of patients have adopted osseointegration as a way to regain their mobility.