Transparency has become a foreground issue for the Food and Drug Administration, government officials, and businesses around the world. Consumers and patients are pleading for open communication with businesses they continually deal with. Users want to know where their products come from, if they are environmentally safe, and what the providing company’s beliefs are.

Here at A Step Ahead, we pride ourselves on being transparent with our patients and giving them the knowledge and information they need to feel safe and motivated. Every day, our prosthetists strive to help our patients live their lives without any limitations. Living life without limitations is a not just our motto, but our belief.

We often invite our patients to watch the process of their prosthetics being made, right here in our facility. They have the chance to see first hand how much goes into creating a state-of-the-art prosthesis. At our facility, we also strictly observe all local environmental laws to ensure our impact on the environment is minimal.

Unfortunately, many prosthetic facilities cannot say the same. Many facilities will ship out their patients’ molds to an offsite location, which in turn gives the patients an unsettling experience not knowing where their prosthesis is being made or by whom. Having an offsite facility also limits turnaround time and impedes a prosthetist to make adjustments on the fly.

Trust is essential between patient and prosthetists. A patient-prosthetist relationship covers a variety of issues including present care and future goals the patient wants to accomplish, be it moving without a walking device or participating in a marathon. Most of our patients say they have a better bond with their prosthetists than they do with their physician!

At A Step Ahead Prosthetics, our highly trained and certified prosthetists often have our patients up and walking within one day – from casting to testing a diagnostic socket. Our quick turnaround time is exceedingly valuable for our out-of-town patients as well.  From our state-of-the-art fabrication facility to our SkinTones™ Systems lab to our in-house research and development department, our patients have all the support they need to fulfill their wishes, all under one roof.

Choosing the right prosthetist is crucial. Not every facility is perfect, but to have transparency and trust between a patient and prosthetist is key.


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